Sunday, November 15, 2009

New YouTube video from Asheville BookOpolis!

LeeAnne Smith and the folks at Asheville BookWorks have put together a video from this year's BookOpolis show opening. Check it out below!

In the video you'll see some of the amazing array of artists' books from the show. There were something like 140+ books on display this year. They represented the full spectrum of book arts, including fine letterpress printing, innovative binding, handmade papers, altered books, low-fi zine-style publishing -- you name it and there was a fine example on display.

There was a fantastic open, friendly vibe, and at a time when the death of the book is seen by some as a foregone conclusion, it was a thrill to be in a room humming with such deep and visceral appreciation for book-ness.

My Given Timbuk #1 makes a cameo at around the 2:35 mark.


  1. i enjoyed the look at bookopolis and noticed myself looking for a friend who lives in asheville... thanks. and good luck with the blog.

  2. Found you through post on Book Arts web....I saw and interacted with your book at BookOpolis. I thought it a great concept and enjoyed how many people wrote something. Great social experiment in here. Enjoying seeing the post debut comments. Thanks and keep 'em coming! Happy day to you and yours. Holly (in Asheville!)