Saturday, November 14, 2009

"If a rabbit laid eggs..." -- more reader questions

At the end of this week I was flattened by a Mack truck of a cold, so no new work to show from the studio.

Here's a fresh angle on Given Timbuk #1, in which you can see the dedication page. The book is dedicated to my wife, Margarite, of course, shown here as she famously posed for Botticelli's Birth of Venus.

Attached below is a scan of several more questions from G.T. #1. Again, handwritten ones were slipped into the book by readers during 2009 BookOpolis, and printed ones are slips that I placed in the book beforehand.

For the most part my intention isn't to answer these questions -- that's not the nature of the project and many of the questions are unanswerable. But there is one here that I can take a stab at: rabbit eggs are a combination of bright green, blue, red and yellow, with a very thin foil wrapper protecting their milk chocolate shells and delicious, creamy centers...

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