Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The (Blank) Book of Mr. Miracles

We're starting to get some ideas about what Mr. Miracles will do to change the world. For example, it has been suggested that he creates The Infinite Ham Sandwich which he then donates to a food bank; that he enables people to select produce that is always of the perfect ripeness; and that he will be responsible for something called The Miracle of the Unmurdered Children.

Before you start to feel giddy with a sense that we have enough material, though, let me assure you that we're going to need more. Because, this... the book we need to fill. Oh, and this:

The Book of Mister Miracles is going to fill this hinged, room-dividing screen, which is six feet tall and six feet wide (when fully opened).

The front of the book (seen in the top photo), consists of four large, blank panels that will be filled with one continuous piece illustrating Mr. Miracles' interventions in the world. Think "Hieronymus Bosch meets Looney Tunes." The back of the screen is divided into small, comic-book-like panels:

It will feature episodes from Mr. Miracles' adventures in comic format. If you're counting, there are 336 panels on the back.

So yes, continue to send us your stories and ideas! They don't have to be detailed or fleshed out--part of the fun of it for us will be filling the gaps in what you tell us. And we will keep sharing what we get from you.

Feel free to send us your input any way you like--in the comments below, by contacting me or Rio directly, or by emailing us jointly at



  1. Hey! I hope you're still accepting miracles! I'd been meaning to post on this, since I've certainly read enough hagiographies, and then just never got around to it.

    I suggest to you that Mr. Miracles once removed his own shell fragment by fragment, and that these fragments, when powdered and distributed in hand-sized personal reliquaries, have been known to cure severe caffeine jitters, and to provide the ability to teleport distances between 10 and 100 miles.

    How or if he regrew his calcium carbonate coating is another story.

    And of course you already know the parables of "The Puppy Zipper" and "The Pilgrim and the Phalanges."

    Also, he is the patron saint of short order cooks.

    1. Excellent -- thanks, Eva! Yes, you should be well-versed in hagiographing.

      Yes, we're still accepting input, compiling it and getting ready to let it pour forth onto the screen. Feel free to send more if you got it. And look for a post soon with some of the other input we've gotten, too.

      Thanks for chiming in!