Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet the new Blue Bluer blogger and business partner

2012 was a busy year at Blue Bluer Books headquarters. There were many new projects and partnerships—I tried to keep you updated about them through the blog and our Facebook page, but I’m sure some slipped through the cracks. We’ll have a post soon with some of last year’s highlights. But the big news today is that I decided to take on a business partner. Well, we’ve been partners for a while now—more importantly she agreed to take on the role officially. Meet my wife, Margarite!

Over the holidays, Josh came to the same conclusion as a lot of small-business owners before him: it’s tough doing every little thing yourself. For years now, he’s maintained the website, updated the blog, marketed his work, and coordinated all the deadlines and vendors for Blue Bluer Books, eventually leaving him with not a whole lot of time to actually make books.

I’ve helped out behind the scenes for almost as long as we’ve been married (cough seven years cough). Usually, I tear paper down to size for blank books and punch holes for sewing stations. I also offer a steady stream of enthusiasm and unsolicited advice at no extra charge. But now that it’s 2013, we're making it official.

For now, Josh will do most of the making while I do most of the telling, but I’m sure we’ll each help the other out, like we do in everything else. We make an excellent team.

True story: Josh and I met at work. In a library. In a book repair lab. Coolest job ever.

We both have different day jobs now, but we both still love books and writing and making things with our hands. So we’re really excited to be working together more on Blue Bluer Books, turning it into something even bigger and better in 2013. And excited to tell you all about it!


  1. aw! you two are the bestest!

  2. Shucks -- thanks, Erin! You know we're more than a little inspired by Thunder Bear and Wren... :)