Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New addition to the library

A couple of weekends ago Margarite and I were visiting friends in Richmond, VA and went to a wonderful little bookstore called Chop Suey. They have used and new books, and an exceptional selection of art-related titles.

While we were there I was lucky to find a very gently used copy of In Memory of My Feelings, by Frank O'Hara. It combines some of my favorite things: O'Hara's poems paired with art by mid-century New York School artists, in an attractively designed book.

The back story is tragic -- the artworks were originally created in response to O'Hara's untimely death by dune buggy in 1966 -- but the book is beautiful. The works themselves were considered lost for decades until they were rediscovered in the archives at MoMA, which went on to publish them in this book in 2005.

Very pleased to add a copy to my book arts library.

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