Thursday, November 10, 2011

stitching speechless: new photos

Our biggest project here at blue bluer books for a while now has been stitching speechless, an artist's book based on haiku by Zen art scholar Stephen Addiss. We're publishing it in two separate editions: a deluxe edition printed on handmade Japanese kozo paper and using other traditional Japanese book materials and techniques; and a facsimile edition printed using the self-publishing website For the facsimile edition, I buy the copies directly from Lulu and then rebind them myself with some handmade touches and a special cover.

Copies of both editions are on exhibit now at the Ackland Museum Store in Chapel Hill, NC until Dec. 18th as part of their "Books and Broadsides" show. stitching speechless will also soon be available through Vamp and Tramp Booksellers.

If you're in the Chapel Hill area and would like to learn more about it, I'll be giving a talk about the whole publishing process next Thursday, Nov. 17th at 7:00 at the Ackland Store.

In the meantime, here are some more photos of copies of the facsimile edition:

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  1. Josh thanks for sharing this via the book arts email network. Very interesting to see what you have done. I am pleased to hear that LuLu pod, involve stapling in their pod books (strange as that might seem to some people) I am thinking along the lines of removing and then stitching them. Do you have to have a special book making software program ? I have never had any idea how you upload your book to Lulu - is it through PDF ?? I could make something in photoshop and then convert to a PDF. By the way would you add the "follow by email" gadget to your layout area, on your dashboard ??
    Then I could sign up to follow your blog
    Please email me if you do

    thanks Aine